About Us

The name "Hanno" deprives from the German word "a gift from God", reflecting the essence of what we bring to the world of clothing.

Hanno was born from the creative minds of owner Marcquise reed & co owner Taiylor Hamilton, both originated in the metropolitan area outside of Washington Dc. Marcquise Reed, a professional basketball player, holds a bachelor degree in sports communication and a minor in entrepreneurship from Clemson University. while his power on the court is undeniable, Marcquise's life long passion for fashion and sneakers have been a driving force since childhood. Resulting in the dream of creating a clothing line.

Taiylor Hamilton, a talented nail tech and lash tech, adds her own flair to the mix. Beyond her expertise in the beauty industry, Taylor shares Marcquise's love for fashion, making them a dynamic duo with a shared vision. The two iconic connections on clothing ideas correlated so much that it lead to the opening of Hanno. Hanno will be known for its various outlooks of vintage inspired garments.